The Supine Studio | Specialized Services (and Why They’re Awesome)
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Specialized Services (and Why They’re Awesome)






You may know that we offer traditional massage services but we have specialized sessions. While many clients come for relaxation and general tension relief, we also offer targeted pain relief, migraine relief/maintenance, and marathon prep.

Targeted Pain Relief: We encourage a longer initial session to be able to fully assess your needs. For most we recommend starting with a 60 minute session. So for pain in one area (neck and shoulders or back), we look at the muscles in the area and leading into it. For larger pain areas (neck, shoulders, and back), we need to look at larger muscles groups. This usually involves seeing how your entire muscular system is functioning so we recommend a 90 minute initial session. After the initial session, shorter sessions are typically recommended frequently to front-load your progress. When sessions are closer together, we can build on results faster than one session every month. This allows you to live a pain-free lifestyle sooner than traditional massage plans.

Migraine Relief: Migraine work is a specialty of Bailey’s. Clients who see her for migraine work see dramatic results in just one session; then come for follow-ups to reduce frequency and intensity of episodes. Clients who follow a Migraine Maintenance Plan are able to restore their quality of life before migraines. Initial sessions are 60 minutes to release muscles deep in the neck, shoulders, and back. You can even schedule a session while you are experiencing a migraine or when you feel one beginning.

Marathon Prep: Runners know the importance of healthy muscle tone. Massage can loosen relax tight fascia wrapped around muscles preventing them from releasing. While a foam roller can be an effective tool, time with a trained massage therapist can be invaluable. For our runners, we add cupping therapy and stretching to sessions. During the peak of your training, we recommend two 30 minute sessions a week and when you taper your distances, one 60 minute session two to three days before to ensure relaxed muscles before the race. For sessions the day of the the race, we recommend a 30 minute session to stimulate to muscles without fatiguing them.

If you’re not sure what type of session you need, that’s okay! Our most popular session length is 60 minutes. All of our sessions are customized and you only ever pay for time, never upgrades. If you’d like aromatherapy or the therapist needs to use a pain relieving topical, you’re not charged extra.

To experience why our clients love coming to The Supine Studio, click the “Booking” tab.

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