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Clinical Massage Services for Every Body

Clinical massage looks at the body as a whole, bridging the gap between relaxation massage and pain-relieving bodywork.


Therapists search out the root cause of pain instead of simply targeting areas of discomfort. Your back pain, for example, may be caused by the way your desk is set up or the kind of shoes you wear.


On the day of your appointment, we’ll take a deeper look into your pain and give you our best recommendations. Then we’ll perform clinical massage using a wide range of techniques such as muscle activation, myofascial release, and joint mobilization to help you find instant relief.


We believe the phrase “no pain, no gain” can be extremely harmful to the body. We’re proud to use gentle, deep-tissue massage techniques so you can experience the least amount of discomfort in your session as possible.


Find Relaxation and Relief

We offer a variety of session lengths to fit your lifestyle and charge by the hour, based on the experience of our therapists. Massages are completely custom to each customer. Hot towels, heated stones, and premium creams may be offered at request.


We are proud to create a safe, no-judgment zone for our clients. Sexual assault survivors, PSTD sufferers, and members of LGBTQ+ community are welcome here! We even ask your preferred pronoun. 


Please note: We do not accept walk-in appointments. For the safety and privacy of our customers, we ask that you do not enter our studio until the time of your appointment.


Not sure which session length you need? Our experts make it easy…. 


We’re taken out the guesswork by having New Client Services. Simply book based on your tissue issues. If headaches or TMJ pain have been plaguing you, select the “New Client: Headache/Migraine, TMJ & Neck Pain.” This session takes about an hour. If you are experience any other type of discomfort, select “New Client Assessment & Session” This session takes about 90 minutes.


Both New Client Services start with an in-depth conversation to learn about you and your body. This is when we will do assessments. Assessments give us the path for your session. Then it’s the easy part! You get to relax during first customized session. After your massage, your therapist will discuss what your body is telling us and go over the next steps to get you back to an active pain-free lifestyle.


As part of your post-massage discussion, your therapist will recommend how long follow-up sessions should be and how frequent. Typically a second session within two weeks is recommended because it builds on progress so you can get back to your life.


Full menu of services and session lengths available by clicking Book Now.

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